Tuesday, June 3, 2014

May 2014 Thank You's

"To Have And To Hold"
"Fit For Life"
"Get Out Of The Water"
Lake Norman, N.C.
Time again to thank those that have purchased and collected my work through my online shops:
>>>May 2014 Thank You's<<<
Once again thanks is given also to those that have viewed my work and commented and saved as favorites in the online shops. I continue to be very, very thankful that my work which now includes t shirts has been purchased by collectors across the country and on a few occassions outside the U.S. also. 

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

April 2014 Thank You's and Updates

"CLE" Tshirt
     April has come and gone and it's once again time for me to give thanks to those in the following towns and cities for buying and collecting my work. >>>April 2014 Thank You's<<< ... Also as time permits I will be adding newly designed tshirts to my Etsy shop, >>>Across The Board Design<<< ...Thank you to all who have viewed, purchased and commented on my work in the past. It is very, very much appreciated!
"I Still Call It The Jake"
Jacobs Field 1994-2008
"The Popcorn Shop"
Chagrin Falls, Ohio



Sunday, March 30, 2014

March Thank You's and Updates

Magic At Night
Cinderellas Castle
Thank You Military
Greting Card

Mater from "Cars"

The end of  another month brings thanks one again to the following buyers and collectors of my work through my shops hosted by Etsy and Fine Art America ... >>>March 2014 Thank You's<<<. 

After many weeks of trying to decide what to do as far as offering tshirt designs I have decided to offer tshirts exclusively in my original Etsy shop "Across The Board Design"  Selection is limited for now but that will change as time goes by. I have found out that an Etsy shop is the best place to get the exposure and audience out of all the options presented to me so that is the route I will take.

Thanks also go out to a buyer in Wisconsin for a bulk order of my "Thank You -Military" greeting card.